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McCamey Operation Pride (M.O.P.) 


Keep McCamey Beautiful was founded (2008) by a volunteer group who call themselves “McCamey Operation Pride” (MOP). Composed of an unpaid committee of six part-time Directors, MOP is dedicated to “educate and encourage the citizens to take pride in our community”. MOP is supported by volunteers, including individuals, businesses and city and county government agencies.

Locals affectionately call these little dynamos the “MOP Ladies”. Leading the community by example, they have promoted litter awareness while out combatting it. Members are easily identifiable; their bright green or pink shirts bear the MOP logo, always worn while performing public service. 

MOP organizes, partners in, and sponsors beautification projects throught the year.

Partnering with the State of Texas Department of Transportation’s “Don’t Mess With Texas” program, MOP hosts a clean-up every April and the “Great American Clean-up” every October to keep the community free of litter. The “Don’t Mess With Texas” message is shared through use of DMWT trash barrels at events such as street dances, the All Class Reunion, and The Wind Energy Cook-Off.

Seasonal decorations are installed year-round at Serenity Park and the McCamey Veterans Memorial

As a “Keep Texas Beautiful” affiliate, MOP celebrates Earth Day each year by planting flowers and plants in 90 flower planters throughout the community.

Each Arbor Day, MOP plants several new trees around the city.

On Independence Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day, MOP volunteers decorate both sides of the length of Burleson Avenue with United States flags.

During the Christmas season, MOP holds a decorating contest for both the businesses and homes in McCamey.

MOP has established a recycling program in McCamey with a collection site which provides a recepticle for aluminum cans, with plastic, glass and paper to follow as the program grows.

MOP hosts and presents education programs to local schools and community organizations to help raise awareness and increase excitement about keeping McCamey beautiful.

MOP also works to recruit organizations for the Texas Department of Transportation’s “Adopt a Highway” program.

Finally, an annual “Recycle Sale” is is organized by MOP to raise money to reward a relaxing educational field trip to the MOP volunteer members. 

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An organization that began as four ladies picking up trash every Friday morning has blossomed into the touchstone of McCamey’s community improvement, every year holding two city-wide cleanups involving the entire town. It has evolved into a group that brings the whole city together to help Keep McCamey Beautiful and fosters community pride. Since 2008, McCamey Operation Pride has succeeded in helping other agencies and groups to revitalize a blighted downtown core, including the creation of the McCamey Veterans/KIA Memorial and Serenity Park. Neighbors donated their collective skills to help other neighbors get most of these projects off the ground and completed, proof that the pioneer spirit is still alive and well in this City. The most valuable thing a person can give is their time. This year volunteers put in over 1566 hours of service, which is worth an estimated $34,452.00, or more than two times MOP’s annual operating budget. This community, bust or boom, is always looking forward to the next project, as they proudly work side by side to build a better McCamey.